Outstanding Contribution to Economic Diplomacy!

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…today I have some special “news” to share with you, of course proudly : )
DIPLOMAT magazine presented 10 awards to some of the most influential diplomats based in the UK – IBDE is among them (Mr. Rudi Guraziu, Executive Chairman)

2019 Outstanding Contribution to Economic Diplomacy” Award
IBDE – International Business and Diplomatic Exchange

Ambassadors and High Commissioners from over 95 countries (and diplomats from over 120 countries) attended the DIPLOMAT magazine 2019 annual Awards Ceremony in the Ballroom of the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge on Monday 29 April.


IBDE wins the 2019 Outstanding Contribution to Economic Diplomacy Award (P)
[ Few words… Rudi Guraziu (Executive Chairman) ]

I am delighted to inform you that International Business and Diplomatic Exchange (IBDE) has won the “2019 Outstanding Contribution to Economic Diplomacy” Award.
The Award was voted for by the London Diplomatic Community. I wish to express my sincere thanks to and to all those that voted. I also wish to thank the Diplomat Magazine for delivering a superb Award Ceremony last night.

I wish to pay tribute to my colleagues, my Board and Advisory Board and all IBDE members (and strategic partners: DLA Piper, City of London Corporation and Accenture) without whose support this would not have happened. There are so many of you who have helped us achieve this success so thank you.

Over 9 years ago I founded IBDE as it seemed there was no mechanism which enabled the diplomatic community, business, policymakers and academic experts to get together to discuss / exchange views, informally, on key international trade and investment issues. Whilst there seem to be significant engagement between individual diplomatic missions (especially those representing large economies) and businesses, IBDE’s aim was to bring key decision-makers together and build trusted relationships to help inform policy-making on international trade and investment policy not only in London but in other world capitals. IBDE is unique as an organisation in bringing together diplomats from different regions (eg Asia and EU; Asia and Americas, LATAM and EU etc) and international business. And this is where we play a crucial role in facilitating this international connection, given that most diplomatic missions are reasonably well connected with their own national businesses but not so much with international business. Additionally, most diplomats tend to leave London after their 3-4 years postings, so we are delighted to see an increasing number of the newly arriving diplomats using IBDE as a gateway to the business world. Similarly, the private sector needs to maintain and often deepen their relationships with government representatives – we are privileged to be able to help them to connect and develop further these crucially important relationships through the work of IBDE.

IBDE’s work has had added impetus since the Brexit referendum – no surprise here.

Since the launch of our first event at the Belgian Ambassador’s Residence in 2010, IBDE programmes have continually attracted the most influential business leaders, policy-makers, regulators and senior diplomatic representatives from various countries and institutions. Our activities are now clearly recognised as niche programmes in providing the most value for our members, bringing together a significant number of illustrious speakers alongside hundreds of senior delegates, exploring and debating various economic, trade, diplomatic, political and regulatory issues that are considered to be highly important to businesses working in an international context. For 2019 work programme, IBDE will be focusing on 5 major themes: Inclusive Globalisation / Capitalism; Brexit, Promotion of Trade, Investment and Exports; Technology and Innovation and Geopolitics.

IBDE most successful programmes, include a series of:
Meet the Ambassador / High Commissioner – Meet the CEO – Meet the Secretary of State – Chairman’s Business Briefings – VIP Multilateral Ambassadorial Luncheons, Breakfast and Dinners – Briefings with Heads of Economic Affairs – The Annual Conference – Country-focused Trade and Investment Forums

I am delighted through this update to highlight some of our Key Achievement of the past 9 years.

– We have established an illustrious Advisory Board which is comprised of more than 40 most senior business leaders and policymakers, including 12 distinguished Ambassadors.

– We have established a trusted platform to enable regular engagement of senior diplomats with business leaders. IBDE is often seen by diplomats as the only organisation providing a ‘safe space’ for their missions to engage in a multilateral discussion both via networking and through various discussions under the Chatham House rule.

– We have organised, delivered and supported hundreds of high-level events that have helped thousands of diplomats from some 120 diplomatic missions as well as thousands of businesspeople to gain updates on challenges and opportunities within new markets, develop their international trade potential and policy as well as maximise their networking opportunities.

– We have launched the first international programme on responsible banking and finance, and hosted 12 international conferences under this programme, effectively contributing in restoring resilience, trust and confidence in financial markets. The initiative was supported by most senior industry practitioners, regulators and policy-makers.

– We were selected as the Official International Delivery Partner for the International Business Festival held in Liverpool in 2014 and 2016 as well as delivered our own flagship events including the Global Economic Forum. In my capacity as Chairman and CEO of IBDE I was member of the Festival’s International Board. The Festival which delivered 400+ events in 2014 was launched by the Prime Minister and has attracted some 68,000 visitors (2014) and 26,000 (2016) from over 100 countries. High profile attendees included Noble Laureates, C-suite business leaders as well as senior government ministers and Her Majesty The Queen.

– We have played an important and constructive role in the Brexit debate having hosted 40+ high-level seminars debating the consequences of Brexit. Seminars have been both inclusive and thematically comprehensive in their content, having offered speakers and the audience an opportunity to explore the various viewpoints of the Brexit debate.

Finally, we recognise that we have made significant impact through our work in the past 9 years, but we are not resting on our laurels, so please do get in touch to see how we can engage your diplomatic mission and companies to connect and grow.

Best wishes,

Rudi Guraziu
Executive Chairman
International Business and Diplomatic Exchange (IBDE)

njëri nga çmimet për 10 diplomatët dhe për organizatat më influencuese britanike, i është ndarë IBDE (International Business and Diplomatic Exchange, themeluar… dhe të cilën e drejton Rudi Guraziu)
IBDE ka marrë çmimin “2019 Outstanding Contribution to Economic Diplomacy”, kontributi i IBDE ndër vite dhe “ndihma” e kësaj organizate diplomatike (për ekonominë britanike në përgjithësi) ka kohë që “njihet” dhe e ka mirënjohjen edhe nga instancat më të larta të qeverisë britanike…