British Museum – Albanian Costume (Late 1900s)

British Museum is an AMAZING museum, of course it is, not kidding : ) it’s the oldest national public museum in the world, they’ve got 8 million objects, they’ve welcomed over 350 million visitors over the 2-3 centuries, (right now) they’re celebrating 260 years since the Museum first opened its doors, in 1759.
Unfortunately they don’t have much items from Balkans, but yeah… here and there can be found something, like this beautiful 100 years old Albanian costume
(sguraziu – ars poetica, march 2019)

A woman’s scarf; square. Brightly coloured, worn around the waist; part of festive attire. Made of shiny synthetic twill woven fabric with damask patterning. Dark red leaf motifs on a purple ground in the centre field. Border designs comprise lines of seven-petalled blossoms within a circle on all four sides; worked in tones of red and yellow. Macrame fringing, worn away is some sections.

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