Reinvent Virtual Frontiers – Idea of Colonizing Mars with Ideas!

S. Guraziu – Ars Poetica, June 2018

How do you know that humans are really serious about colonizing Mars?
Well, first you invent a grand motive for “boosting ideas” (it could have also a name, why not, like “Education League”, or something), people will be motivated to colonize the planet with “ideas”, you motivate them to “imagine” how life on Mars could look like. You organize some Art-Design challenges, calling them for example “Urbanization Challenge – Smarter Cities for a New World”.

But how do you motivate thinkers, designers and artists all over the world to “imagine” (or even just to think about Mars)?
Well, you present some “idea categories”, some projects, some guidelines, you give them some demo-softwares and materials… and most importantly, BIG winning prizes. You can name those prizes “Awards”, such as Civil Engineering Award, Archi-Dystopian Design Award, Vehicle Design Award etc : )

Of course you allready know, some “general” projects and challenges related to the needs of human’s future on Mars are:
Terraforming, Habitat, Farming, Lifestyle, Robots, Transportation, Military Issues, Weapons, VR Experience, Gaming etc. Designers then can participate in designing buildings, transportation, infrastructure, food sources, lifestyle, clothing, and they could provide some new ideas that will eventually complete a Virtual Mars experience. Of course, to make Mars VR (Virtual Reality) “alive” you need “computing power”, just like NASA needs powerful computers.

Motivation example:
NASA has chosen Hewlett Packards’ Workstations to help provide mission command, control, and life support to the International Space Station. That’s why HP is now proud to lead the journey to the next frontier, providing all the computing power needed to Design, Model and Render (all subjects about VR Mars)… But not only that, there’s more, HP could even sell more workstations, so the great simple idea about “boosting ideas” is a win-win idea : )