NVIDIA Metropia 2042 – Vehicles of the Future (Design Challenge 2019 – 1st Place)

[ by NVIDIA, HPackard, Adobe, Allegorithmic, Pixologic, Chaos Group, Otoy – Dates: 28 January – 18 March 2019 ]

…designers were encouraged to design sustainable vehicles

Winner – 1st Place :
Autonomous Air Ambulance, by René Mitchell-Lambert [ Prop Artist at Ubisoft Massive – London / Malmo, United Kingdom ]

An autonomous drone operated by a complex artificial intelligence system responsible for transporting the always present paramedic crew onboard, as well as patients from one destination to the next. Able to make life and death situations in thousandths of a second the AI surpasses any human in not only complex flight but in makng important decisiona when it matters, such as a quick diagnosis of a patient while flying, the speed and reliability is simply unmatched.

(Other Winners)
2 – Joe Seabuhr, 2nd Place – Sheffield, United Kingdom ]
3 – Noax, 3d Place – United Kingdom ]