NVIDIA Metropia 2042 – Cities of the Future (1st Place)

[ Design Challenge 2019 by NVIDIA, HPackard, Adobe, Allegorithmic, Pixologic, Chaos Group, Otoy – Dates: 28 January – 18 March 2019 ]

The theme of the challenge was Metropia 2042. A place and time in the near future where humanity has benefited from revolutions in AI, robotics, autonomous transport, augmented reality and environmental protections. Designers could choose to visualize the cities, people, vehicles or interior spaces of the near future. NVIDIA was not looking for dystopian visions of the future. Facing global challenges like climate change and pollution require smart solutions…

Winner – 1st Place :
Alexandr Melentiev [ CG Generalist, Concept Artist – Perm, Russia ]

In the future, electricity will be developed on photosynthesis technology. To do this, it will be built a lot of sites for the plant, which after 20 years have become a dome over the old town.. Under the dome is the center of the city, in which there are high-rise buildings, offices and administrative buildings. The houses of the business class turned into cottage areas outside the dome. This city is built on a swamp. From the swamp, the city takes clean water, minerals (oil?), grows fish and algae.

(Other Winners)
2 – Jeff Bartzis – 2nd Place [ Environment Generalist – Vancouver, Canada ]
3 – Bo Zonneveld – 3d Place [ Concept Artist – Berlin, Germany ]