Francesco Visalli – “Inside Mondrian”, 2013-14

Inside Mondrian” is a conceptual art project designed to explore the work of the Dutch artist and arrive at a “material transposition of his abstract vision”; a kind of inverse sublimation – from gas to solid. The process involved artist Francesco Visalli in re-fashioning more than 50 of Mondriaan’s works, developing new abstract representions of the two-dimensional patterns, which when applied to pictorial works suggested a three-dimensional aspect. – [ Source: Official site of Francesco Visalli ]

– Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) – Kompozicion me të Kuqen, Blunë dhe të Verdhën, 1937-42 (majtas)
– Francesco Visalli – Projekti B310, “Inside Mondrian“, 2014 (djathtas)

– Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) – Kompozicion me katror të madh të kuq…, 1921 (majtas)
– Francesco Visalli – Kompozicion “A – Stilizuar” (Inside Mondrian), 2014 (djathtas)

– Francesco Visalli – Monolit Dyfytyrësh (Inside Mondrian), 2013

– Francesco Visalli – Monolit, “Circus Maximus” – Romë (Inside Mondrian), 2013