Accurate sizing recommendations!

[ interesting smart tools AI (Artificial Intelligence) already being used today, according to FitAnalytics, data is destiny… so they developed their Apparel Matchmaking tool – sguraziu ]

…by using the power of machine learning (AI), a team of data scientists, engineers, and designers are working together to solve a single problem: making it easier for the world’s best apparel firms to connect customers with clothes they’ll love. Based in Berlin, Chicago, New York, and Prague, they claim to support partners across six continents and deliver unbeatably accurate sizing recommendations to millions of shoppers worldwide every month. They use the power of machine learning to give leading brands and retailers all the tools they need to solve sizing, sell smarter, and turn data into actionable insight. They say, by using their solutions, sellers are able to conquer checkout doubt and sell more clothes to the right people at the right time…


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