SG – Pronoic (Attitude), 2021

S. Guraziu, 2021

Let there be light –
I said – and there
was light, what
a beautiful day,
I need a shower,
no care about my
hair, luckily I can
“go” unshaved
for two-three days,
but in the kitchen
I realized: there’s
no coffee, I can’t go
in “Hoogvliet”
without a mask –
“you’re not original,
that’s plagiarism” –
responded God,
“I said so, let
there be light”!

So what, I want
to say it again,
many writers
and poets don’t know
who said what!
A while ago was
watching “Vikings”
on Netflix, I discovered
their hair styles
and tatoo-designs
were stolen from
us, “modernists”,
as if every single
hair was treated
with a laser-blade,
needless to say
even while fighting,
covered in dust and
blood, their “hair”
better than mine,
now should I
say Vikings were
“plagiarists”, or
original hairstylists?

Nothing… but silence,
it seems God needed
some time to
analyse my claim!